George Brown College School of Design

45 Years in the Making: George Brown College Alumni Exhibition

Curated by Amanda Henderson, Valerie Brown, Gillian Lie

May 1, 2013 – May 24, 2013
230 Richmond Street East
Toronto, ON, M5A 1P4

Call for Entry Deadline: March 22, 2013

To all George Brown College Jewellery graduates:
We invite you to apply to “45 Years in the Making”, the showcase for Alumni work. The intention of the exhibit is to explore the depth of goldsmithing skill and talent demonstrated by GBC Alumni. We would like to exhibit work that represents your present one of a kind or limited edition work.
This exhibit will be held at GBC’s School of Design. This exhibition will run during the Toronto International Jewellery Festival and the Society of North American Goldsmiths Conference, Meta-Mosaic 2013. This will be your opportunity to reveal your work to our goldsmithing community at large!
For more information about these events, visit and
Please note that there will be an opportunity to show work via photography. Therefore, if you have work that is sold but you have professional level photos of it we will also accept those for submission. The work that is selected for the show will be for display only and not for sale. However, all exhibitors will have their contact information made available for the public.

For more info, please visit:
Click here for the application form

Conditions of Entry
· The call is open to all Alumni of the George Brown College Jewellery Diploma program(s)
· Wearable jewellery or objects for body adornment will be accepted for review
· Each applicant can submit up to 3 works (NB: not all pieces may be chosen) for one fee of $30
· All work and photographs must be accompanied by applicants full name and contact information (this is the information that will be made available to the public); as well as year of graduation, and photo credit information.
· Alumni whose work is exhibited in the show grant permission for their work to be photographed; and understand that images (either their own or the exhibitions) may be used for promotional purposes
· All exhibitors are responsible for insuring their work for the entire duration of the exhibition, including shipping to and from the show.
· If work is to be mailed back, a self-address, postage paid package must be sent with piece.

Time line
· Deadline: Entries and payments must be received by March 22, 2013, 5 pm. Initial entries via photograph ONLY.
· Notification of Acceptance: all applicants will be notified via email regarding the status of their submission by April 1, 2013
· Delivery of work: all pieces/high resolution images must be delivered by April 20, 2013. Mailing address with be sent with confirmation.
· Dates: the exhibition will take place from May 1, 2013 to May 24, 2013
· Opening reception will be held on Friday May 3rd, from 6pm to 9pm
· Work will be shipped or available for pick up (at GBC School of Design from 12 noon to 5 pm) on May 24th Entries

Email entries to:
Make payment to same email through

· Photo(s) in web quality (500 x 500 pixels and 72 dpi) Name files with your last name and picture number (to correspond with the picture number on the application form).
(Example: Smith1, Smith2, Smith3)
· Completed application form
· Payment through PayPal to (Payment must be received by March 22, 2013 at 5pm in order for entry to be considered)

Click here for the application form


OCAD University

Opine: 2013 National Student Exhibition

Hosted at OCAD University’s Student Gallery
Opening Reception: Thursday May 15th, 2013


The intention behind this student exhibition is to invite students from coast-to-coast to acknowledge Canada’s ambiguous identity and proclaim a definitive perspective about Canadian culture; particularly in a relevant and contemporary way that challenges stereotypes and preconceived notions. Students are encouraged to have an opinion and declare it, and to represent Canada – in all its relativity – from numerous perspectives. This will create an overarching narrative that will depict Canada’s true identity from the eyes of jewellery students across Canada.

The purpose of hosting this national student exhibition is to have it integrated into SNAG‘s MetaMosaic artcrawl so that an underacknowledge aspect of our metal community may be showcased: students and emerging artists.


Opine defined as ´to state one’s opinion´To begin, find a Canadian stereotype that intrigues, empowers, infuriates, (mis)represents you: research it. Where did it come from? What is its historical/political/cultural context? Why is it still present in today’s culture? Perhaps if it isn’t still relevant, how was it able to dissipate?

Once you have thoroughly investigated the context and root of the stereotype, engage with it: Contemplate it, analyze it, let it affect your general outlook. This dialogue or relationship is where the concept will come from. You can ask questions such as: What is the contemporary counterpart of this stereotype? Is there an aspect of it that is a gross overgeneralization? What is going underrepresented? Why are these stereotypes perpetuated internationally? How does this stereotype effect how the international community views us? Are these stereotypes perpetuated within Canada’s borders (provincially, municipally)?

Essentially, the framework should be: find a stereotype, understand its context, and then critique it.
Choose – Contextualize – Contemporize
The goal is to create a dialogue grounded in critical analysis: to depict Canada from the perspectives
of those who define it.

A_Hash_MIR 01


Making It Real

OCAD University,
49 McCaul St. Toronto
May 14-25, 2013

Making It Real is a juried exhibition of digitally fabricated artifacts and artworks
organized by OCAD University faculty members Greg Sims and Jesse Jackson.
Virtual 3-D objects will be submitted electronically from around the world and
produced locally and onsite using a variety of 3-D printing technologies. Making It Real will
showcase innovative designs for jewellery, products, fine art, and other small
objects that take maximum advantage of direct digital manufacturing to create
finished work. Students and professionals from Canada and abroad, working in
all disciplines and areas of digital design and digital fabrication are eligible to
See for full details of the exhibition and application procedure.
image credit: Arthur Hash


Tenda do Louro Jewellery Museum


A celebration of jewellery and adornment throughout the ages in the first-ever jewellery museum in Canada.The Tenda do Louro Jewellery Museum (TdLJM) is Canada’s premier jewellery gallery and exhibition. Located in Toronto’s artistic Yorkville, the venue, celebrating its launch in Spring 2013, houses a vast collection showcasing all aspects of jewellery design and production throughout civilization.

Opening Spring 2013

158 Davenport Rd. Suite 200 (Yorkville)
Toronto, ON Canada M5R 1J2,     
(647) 343 – 7350,

Mindham Fine Jewellery

Much of the fine jewellery of Canadian-born designer Myles Mindham is made for a private bespoke clientele. He’s opening his salon to SNAG attendees, and the opportunity to view his collection of one-of-a-kind creations incorporating precious metals and rare gemstones is a special occasion.  Over the last two decades, Mindham’s designs have garnered twelve national and international awards, including three DeBeers Diamond Today Awards.

Mindham Fine Jewellery
37 Hazelton Ave
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5R 2E3
Tel: 416.962.8880    Fax: 416.962.3719

Hours of operation:  By Appointment Only
Monday to Saturday :10am to 6pm

Fairmont Royal York



Saturday, May 18, 2013 3:30–6:00pm

Fairmont Royal York Hotel
Ontario Room (Conference Floor)
100 Front Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada M5J 1E3

Come shop and purchase work directly from SNAG members at the 3rd Annual Trunk Show Sale! Coinciding with the Society of North American Goldsmiths annual conference in Toronto, Canada, this year’s event offers 2 ½ hours of the latest in studio jewellery. Conference goers and public alike are encouraged to attend this event, undoubtedly the incandescent epicentre of contemporary metal art and jewellery.  

Visa and Mastercard accepted only. All credit card transactions are processed in US dollars

Coordinated by:  Natalie O’Neal and Andrew Kuebeck
For additional information contact Natalie O’Neal:
541-345-5690 or




image credit: Claudio Pino

Three Elements

The theme for the 2013 SNAG conference Meta-Mosaic was designed to celebrate the diversity of jewellery and metalsmithing in the 21st century. Toronto, Canada is a mosaic of peoples and cultures as well as the center of Canada’s jewellery industry. In conjunction with the Meta-Mosaic theme Zilberschmuck invited artists to consider how they make up the mosaic of Canada’s peoples. As all individuals are comprised of the same elements including carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen to name a few. What can make each person unique like his or her DNA does? How can each artist use specific elements in their piece that is unique to them alone?

The theme Three Elements asked award winning metal artists to create a piece of jewellery, hollowware or sculpture based on three elements from the Periodic Table using their birth year, birth date and the combined birth dates of them and their parents, making each combination of numbers individual to each artist. Together the finished pieces will create the complete mosaic of styles, designs, techniques and creativity in the 21st century.

Participants in this exhibition are: Jackie Anderson, Donald Beaubier, Lois Betteridge, Beth Biggs, Karen Cantine, John Carnes, Sarabeth Carnet, Shao-Pin Chu, Brigitte Clavette, Roland Dubuc, Charles Funnell, Elizabeth Goluch, Sandra Noble Goss, Wesley Harris, Bayot Heer, David Ivens, Jesper Jensen, Shannon Kennedy, Charles Lewton-Brain, Wolfgang Loerchner, Sonja Neven, Claudio Pino, Shona Rae, Pam Ritchie, Kye-Yeon Son, Don Stuart, Annette Van Leeuwen, Ken Vickerson, Michaela Wolfert.

Three Elements exhibition will be on display at Zilberschmuck, 910 Kingston Road, Toronto, May 15 to 18, 2013. SNAG conference attendees, come see us on Friday, May 17th, we will be open until midnight. Saturday is also a good choice, the Kingston Road Village SpringFest is on with lots to see and do in our ‘little village’, join us to see the show and visit the other shops and eateries during your visit.

Click here for more information



image credit: Robert Mitchell


Zilberschmuck Art-Jewellery is proud to present “Transformation” a juried exhibition of fine jewellery and metal work on exhibit from April 11 to May 31, 2013 at Zilberschmuck located at 910 Kingston Road, Toronto.

2013 marks the ninth-year the national juried show has invited artists to explore the formal and conceptual ideas behind the meaning of a word. This year’s theme, Transformation drew in 85 entries from 68 artists from coast to coast and the jury selected 40 interpretations from 33 artisans for the exhibition. Entries ranged from physical transformations in metal like Mokume-gane and Damascus steel to conceptual transformations like once traditionally ‘Canadian made’ souvenirs now being mass produced offshore trinkets for the tourist market.

The Best in Show winner is Robert Mitchell for his stunning sterling silver and 18 k gold bracelet with Canadian diamonds, detailing the transformation of man’s history of adornment, beginning with a silver cast salmon backbone and moose hair to illustrate tribal and hunter-gatherer peoples, followed by the Industrial Revolution with a carved Plexiglas, to a bubble cut citrine depicting new technologies of gem cutting and a 16 GB USB flash drive for the Information Age – demonstrating that society currently values technology above all else.

The Transformation exhibition will be on view during the Toronto International Jewellery Festival (TIJF) and the SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) conference in May celebrating jewellery arts, metal arts and design from Canadian and International artists with events and exhibitions to inspire the public to enrich their lives through jewellery.

Juried on March 13, 2013, the judges: Jacquie De Almeida, Managing Editor of Jewellery Business magazine; metal artist Vivienne Jones; and goldsmith Van McKenzie, awarded the prizes and selected submissions for inclusion in the exhibition:

Best of Show Winner: Robert K. E. Mitchell – “The Evolution of Adornment Bracelet” – Toronto, Ontario

Best Utilization of Gemstones Winner: Alexandra Jay – “Progression” – Ottawa, Ontario


Best in Technical Achievement Winner: Andy Pomorski – “Chainsaw Chain Cuff” – Picton, Ontario

Best in Design Innovation Winner: Maude Lapierre – “Artichokes” – Montreal, Quebec

Honourable Mentions

Winner: Alisha Marie Boyd – “Branch Vessel #14” – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Winner: Jay (Seul Kee) Joo – “Don’t Come Near Me” –Toronto, Ontario

Winner: Susan Remnant – “Nature’s Dance” – Garibaldi Highlands, British Columbia

Winner: Diana Wieler – Cloisonné treasure box & travel icon – Grimsby, Ontario

Other artists also included in the exhibition are:

Ivanne Binetruy – Toronto, ON                                        K. Claire MacDonald – Toronto, ON

Audrey Boudreault– Coteau-du-Lac, QC                         Sonja Neven – Cochrane, AB

Naomi Bourque – Nelson, BC                                           Jan Peterknecht – St. John’s, NL

Karen Cantine – Edmonton, AB                                      Genessa Radke – Toronto, ON

Bridget Catchpole – Vancouver, BC                                Shona Rae – Calgary, AB

Miriam de Langley – London, ON                                 Alexis Smith – Toronto, ON

Audrée H-St-Amour – Fredericton, NB                       Donald A. Stuart – Midhurst, ON

Daniel John – Scarborough, ON                                   Amber Suddes – Toronto, ON

Shannon Kennedy – Kitchener, ON                               Pam Tymensen – Toronto, ON

Charles Lewton-Brain – Calgary, AB                             Monika Urbaniak – Maple Ridge, BC

Elizabete Ludviks – Hamilton, ON                                 Anne-Sophie Vallée – Montreal, QC

Ann L. Lumsden – Ottawa, ON                                        Michaela Wolfert – Almonte, ON

Yuanyuan Zou – Halifax, NS

Zilberschmuck Art-Jewellery would like to thank the sponsors who have helped make this annual exhibition a success: Crown Pearl, Digital by Design, Gesswein Canada, Lacy and Co., Metal Arts Guild of Canada (MAGC), Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG). Exhibition runs from April 11 to May 31, 2013 with an opening reception and award presentation on Thursday April 11, from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Click here for more information

Zilberschmuck Gallery Information:

“Three Elements” – May 7th to May 31st
“Transformation” – April 11th to May 31st

Tuesday to Saturday – 11:00 to 6:00
May 15th & 16th 11:00 to 8:00, May 17th 11:00 to Midnight

910 Kingston Road
416 699 6000

Macdonald Stewart Art Centre


Macdonald Stewart Art Centre – Contemporary Canadian Silver Collection

Bus Trip – Sunday, May 19, 2013

Depart the Royal York Hotel (York Street West Entrance): 9:30am | Return: 1:30pm

The MSAC began a collection of contemporary Canadian silver as part of a tribute exhibition organized by MSAC in 2000 to honour Lois Betteridge’s achievements in metalsmithing. In the manner of aFestschrift, seven artists were invited to make new pieces for the occasion. This was the impetus for MSAC assembling a specialized collection of contemporary Canadian silver that now contains 68 works, featuring commissions and donations from the artists. This exhibition features selections from this remarkable collection. A special tour and discussion of the exhibition lead by Lois Betteridge and Anne Barros will be presented by MSAC for conference participants and friends There will be a free bus and coffee service.

Macdonald Stewart Art Centre is Guelph and region’s public art gallery and sculpture park.

To register, please contact Aidan Ware by email ( or call (519-837-0010 ext. 2) by May 1.

Please note, if there are not enough registrations, MSAC will have to cancel the bus. In the event of this, MSAC will notify you as of May 2.

Aidan Ware | Coordinator of Education and Development

Macdonald Stewart Art Centre
358 Gordon Street, Guelph (ON), N1G 1Y1
519-837-0010 |

Image Credit: Spirit by Beth Alber

18 Karat


Steel, iron and pig iron: materials used by humans for thousands of years. The Chinese were already making pig iron by the late Zhou Dynasty (1122-256 BC) and the usage of iron (Berlin Iron) in jewelry has been well documented.

Velvet Da Vinci Gallery and crafthaus have joined forces to create an exhibition of jewelry that brings ferrous materials into the contemporary realm. This exhibition showcases 61 artists who create jewelry in iron, steel, stainless steel and other iron alloys or incorporate ferrous elements into their pieces.

May 2013

275 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M5T 1G1, Canada
(416) 593-1648

Mon-Fri 10:30am–6pm
Sat 10:30am–5pm
Sun Closed


Image Credit

Claudio Pino, CANADA
“INOX Reverie”, 2012
Stainless steel, 14k gold, Australian yellow prehnite, pearl, onyx
1 ½ x 1 x 1 inches
Photographer: Claudio Pino

David Kaye Gallery


Metal Identities


A series of one person exhibitions under the title Metal Identities with
Anne Barros, Suzanne Carlsen, Andrew Goss, Sandra Noble Goss, Vivienne Jones, Paul Leathers

The DAVID KAYE GALLERY opened April 5, 2006 with a mandate to exhibit objects, jewellery and painting. The gallery features a mix of up-and-coming, mid-career, as well as established Canadian artists.


May 8 – 26, 2013
Wed-Fri 11 – 6;
Sa, Su: 11 – 5


David Kaye Gallery
1092 Queen St West
image credit: Van MacKenzie, Jeff at the Ritz, 2012
Image credit: Lou Lynn
Photo credit: Janet Dwyer

Made You Look


An outside-the-box Jewellery Studio and Gallery in Toronto’s edgy Parkdale neighbourhood, invites you to see a humerous show of contemporary art jewellery that only a maker can truly appreciate!  INSIDE OUT, dares to tell the inside story of how our amazing work comes to be, the intimate relationship we develop with our tools and raw materials and how they themselves can be seen as precious and beautiful.

May 2013
1273 Queen W  Toronto

Mon  Fri 10am to 8pm
Sat  10am – 6pm
Sun 12pm – 5pm