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Harbourfront Centre, on Toronto’s waterfront, is an innovative nonprofit cultural organization, which creates events and activities of excellence that enliven, educate and entertain a diverse public. A ten-acre public trust powered by the creative cultures of Canada and the world.

The Craft Department at Harbourfront Centre is the dynamic axis for contemporary craft in Canada and an integral part of the country’s largest public multi-disciplinary arts complex. We inspire people to engage with the ideas expressed by today’s craft artists.  Harbourfront Centre champions the significance of craft as an art discipline and cultivates excellence, nationally and internationally. Through exhibitions, thought-provoking symposia and lectures we communicate new ideas and shape perceptions about contemporary craft.

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In its 40 years, George Brown College has become woven into the economic, cultural and social fabric of downtown Toronto. George Brown College is one of Canada’s largest, most diversified and highly respected colleges, serving a broad and vibrant student body.

Jewellery Studies at George Brown College provides education in traditional goldsmithing skills while encouraging artistic vision and creative development. The college has one of North America’s largest jewellery schools with an international award winning faculty. A diverse and flexible range of certificate and diploma programs offers basic to advanced goldsmithing techniques, gemsetting, repair, model making, gemmology, jewellery design, history, rendering, and computer aided design/manufacture (CAD/CAM).

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