OCAD University

Opine: 2013 National Student Exhibition

Hosted at OCAD University’s Student Gallery
Opening Reception: Thursday May 15th, 2013


The intention behind this student exhibition is to invite students from coast-to-coast to acknowledge Canada’s ambiguous identity and proclaim a definitive perspective about Canadian culture; particularly in a relevant and contemporary way that challenges stereotypes and preconceived notions. Students are encouraged to have an opinion and declare it, and to represent Canada – in all its relativity – from numerous perspectives. This will create an overarching narrative that will depict Canada’s true identity from the eyes of jewellery students across Canada.

The purpose of hosting this national student exhibition is to have it integrated into SNAG‘s MetaMosaic artcrawl so that an underacknowledge aspect of our metal community may be showcased: students and emerging artists.


Opine defined as ´to state one’s opinion´To begin, find a Canadian stereotype that intrigues, empowers, infuriates, (mis)represents you: research it. Where did it come from? What is its historical/political/cultural context? Why is it still present in today’s culture? Perhaps if it isn’t still relevant, how was it able to dissipate?

Once you have thoroughly investigated the context and root of the stereotype, engage with it: Contemplate it, analyze it, let it affect your general outlook. This dialogue or relationship is where the concept will come from. You can ask questions such as: What is the contemporary counterpart of this stereotype? Is there an aspect of it that is a gross overgeneralization? What is going underrepresented? Why are these stereotypes perpetuated internationally? How does this stereotype effect how the international community views us? Are these stereotypes perpetuated within Canada’s borders (provincially, municipally)?

Essentially, the framework should be: find a stereotype, understand its context, and then critique it.
Choose – Contextualize – Contemporize
The goal is to create a dialogue grounded in critical analysis: to depict Canada from the perspectives
of those who define it.

A_Hash_MIR 01


Making It Real

OCAD University,
49 McCaul St. Toronto
May 14-25, 2013

Making It Real is a juried exhibition of digitally fabricated artifacts and artworks
organized by OCAD University faculty members Greg Sims and Jesse Jackson.
Virtual 3-D objects will be submitted electronically from around the world and
produced locally and onsite using a variety of 3-D printing technologies. Making It Real will
showcase innovative designs for jewellery, products, fine art, and other small
objects that take maximum advantage of direct digital manufacturing to create
finished work. Students and professionals from Canada and abroad, working in
all disciplines and areas of digital design and digital fabrication are eligible to
See http://www.makingitreal.ca/ for full details of the exhibition and application procedure.
image credit: Arthur Hash


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