Textile Museum of Canada



Curated by Natalia Nekrassova and Sarah Quinton

For centuries, the light and lustre of materials have captivated artists and audiences, attributing to simple objects powerful symbolism as well as the allure of beauty, luxury and opulence. Across the world, an array of metals, mirrors, silver- and gold-wrapped thread, wire, beads, insect wings and carapaces have been transformed to create some of the most mystifying and coveted personal and cultural expressions. SHINE showcases an array of historical artifacts from the Museum’s permanent collections as well as the work of three contemporary artists creating new conversations between contemporary culture and complex, sometimes conflicting ideals of desire, status, wealth and beauty

March 27 – June 2013

Textile Museum of Canada
55 Centre Avenue  Toronto



Brooch (China)
18th – 19th century
Cast brass, beads, stone
Gift of Fred Braida

T88.0294 Textile Museum of Canada



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