Toronto Pearson International Airport: Domestic Departures

image credit: Pam Ritchie

The Canadian Mosaic of Metal: celebrating our talent and our diversity.

Canadian Mosaic of Metal  features 16 exceptional artists representing the diversity of metalsmithing across Canada.  The work is inspired by the geography of Canada, the times in which we live, and the mosaic that is Canadian heritage.

This exhibition showcases 16 artists from across Canada, artists who are Canadian leaders in the field of metal.

Wesley Harris (NF/ LAB)
Beth Biggs (NB)
Pamela Ritchie (NS)
Jacques Troalen (QC)
Silvie Altschuler(QC)
Sara Washbush (ON)
Suzanne Carlsen (ON)
James Doran (MB)
Paul Leathers (MB)
Mary Lynn Podiluk (SK)
Karen Cantine (AB)
Charles Lewton-Brain (AB)
Jackie Anderson (AB)
Bridget Catchpole (BC)
Karen Konzuk (BC)
Corrine Hunt  (Native Canadian BC)

In Architectural Ironwork,   two Canadian blacksmiths explore simplified form and pose interesting solutions.

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